Our Meal-bowls are made in cooperation with our good friend;
Nutritional expert and Health coach Pernille Steenberg.

The bowls are put together after the nutritional dietary advice;
55% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 20% fat - all in healthy variations. We spent hours in the kitchen to make the right mixes with the right flavours for every taste, and we’ve tried to think everybody into the plan, so we’ve got something for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerants, lactose intolerants - you name it. Also, everything is made in front of you as you order, so you can mix and match the way you like and follow the process all the way - no bs. Our juice Is not only tasty, but every juice also has its own nutritional value, whether you need a quick energy boost, a green detox or something to prevent you catching a cold. We make it easy for you, so you don’t have to think or make choices to get a healthy meal - we already did the calculations.

Everything is ORGANIC, because we care!



















Friend Card

What is a friend card?
A friend card is our way to say thank you to you, our guest for visiting us frequently.
The way it works is that you’ll pay for 10 bowls, juices or coffees and receive a stamp card of your choice.
That way you’ll be able to save money in the long run.

10 of your favourite COFFEE’s (optional, you save up to 32%)
300,- DKK

10 of your favourite small BOWLS (optional, you save 16%)
550,- DKK

10 of your favourite big BOWLS (optional, you save 16%)
750,- DKK

10 of your favourite JUICE/SHAKES (optional, you save 14-21%)
475,- DKK


About our coffee

Our Espresso is our own private label. A dark roast just the way we like it;
Powerful and yet sweet.

We are dealing with a mix of 3 different beans with different stories…

  • 25% is a Peru-bean which comes from The Café Femenino Foundation who’s focus is on helping women and their family in the coffee communities…

  • 25% is a Sumatra Gayo Mountain Mandheling. Sumatra, which is the second largest island of the Republic of indonesia, is formed by volcanoes. This means the soil is ideal for growing coffee…

  • The last 50% is an Indian Cherry Robusta. The Washed Robusta AB, are perhaps the best Robusta. Unfortunately only small quantities are produced, and therefore the price is high.