25% is a

25% is a Peru-bean which comes from The Café Femenino Foundation who’s focus is on helping women and their family in the coffee communities. What they found travelling to these remote coffee communities was women who had no voice or say in family decisions, had no control of the family resources; essentially had no rights, socially, politically or economically. They were poor, uneducated and lived in isolation, all of which contributed to phenomenal rates of abuse. Café Feminine Foundation is a non profit organization. The foundation is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. The profit is donated to help women in the farms and to improve the farms for better work conditions. They also help digging ditches for pipes in water projects, buildings and so on. All to help the women improve their living standards. Their work has been proven to reduce the abuse of women, and improving their everyday life.

25% is a Sumatra Gayo Mountain Mandheling

25% is a Sumatra Gayo Mountain Mandheling. Sumatra, which is the second largest island of the Republic of indonesia, is formed by volcanoes. This means the soil is ideal for growing coffee. Giling Basah, the name of the traditional Sumatran process, involves hulling the parchment off of the bean at roughly 50% moisture content; for comparison, most other processes hull coffee at around 10-12% moisture. This unique Sumatran process results in a trademark flavor profile (low acidity and a richness that lingers on the back of the palate) and gives the green beans a signature dark color.

The last 50% is an Indian Cherry Robusta

The last 50% is an Indian Cherry Robusta. The Washed Robusta AB, are perhaps the best Robusta. Unfortunately only small quantities are produced, and therefore the price is high. Robusta is easy to care for because it is less susceptible to diseases than arabica coffee. It has almost the double amount of caffeine and more antioxidants than arabica.

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