Why We feat doesn’t have phones


As you might have noticed by now - we don’t have phones at our restaurants.

The reason why is actually very simple:

We want our customers to come visit us and experience the atmosphere at our locations, so instead of having phones we are always 100% present at our locations and are ready to talk to our customers.

We think it’s important to be present and that’s why we want people to come visit us and get the full experience.

We don’t compromise our service at our store by answering the phone all the time, instead want to give our customers the best possible experience when they visit our locations.
If you want to get in touch with us but can’t visit us, then you should always feel free to shoot us a direct message on Instagram.

Come see us at one of our 3 locations in Aarhus & Aalborg. We’re open everyday and ready to provide you with the best possible experience!

We don’t sell food we sell experiences.

Oh and we also have delicious organic salad bowls, sandwiches, juices, shakes and coffee.


Lukas AlbertComment