Sund økologisk fastfood i Aalborg, We Feat er for alle.

We Feat Facts


The Name

We wanted our name to exude some kind of fellowship, therefore the obvious “WE”. The “FEAT” came along through a fun and crazy brainstorm, and is in transferred meaning also “an act of skill”. We consider our work to be skill work - not only by making a beautiful heart or flower in your coffee, hitting the right measure in your juice or the right flavour in your bowl, but also in our atmosphere, staff values and efficiency. Therefore the name; We Feat = We do skill work.

Why 100%

At We Feat we like to do things a hundred percent. If all in is not an option, we’d rather not. When we have the opportunity of doing so, then why not? We will do everything we can for you and your whole experience, for the environment and for the world – that’s simply just the way we like to work.

Our Interior and atmosphere

We want to invite you in for a break from the hectic everyday life, so therefore we have designed our shops in a relaxed and industrial design with a nice and cozy environment and relaxed music as well. Whether you are coming in for just a coffee or a whole day’s consumption, you are more than welcome to settle down with a book or computer, meet up with friends and family, have meetings or just sit to grab a quick bite. We’ve taken care of power for your computer and of course free WIFI too.

Our To

We try to do as much for the environment as we can. All of our to go material is either all natural and compostable material or 100% recycled plastic. We try to optimise every day and we are looking for better solutions at all times, so we can do even better for the environment and the future.

When and where
did We Feat

We Feat was established in Aalborg, Denmark in December 2016 by the 2 friends Benjamin Hvid and Frederik Leicht Løwe. The ambition has from day one been that We Feat should have at least one shop in every large city in Denmark, and in time other countries too. They are well on their way.

Where does the
inspiration come

Benjamin and Frederik has always been into health and good food, and all the ideas in the bowls, comes from no other place than their own kitchen at home. All the food you find at We Feat is basically how the two friends have been eating for many many years, trying to get as much energy, nutrition and taste out if every meal as possible.

Saving the Nature

Did you know that per each of our stores we (and thereby you as consumers), are actually saving in average approx. 3 million litres of groundwater from pesticides every year! That’s a lot!

Thanks for helping!


We feat family

We Feat is so much more than organic food and drinks. We Feat is about you and me, life quality and social commitment. We don’t hire our Bowlers from their work experience, but from their life experience.

We prioritise a positive and open mind, basic people-skills, true helpfulness and big smiles. Therefore, you should not be surprised to get a high-five, a chit-chat or a “how are you feeling today” from one of our Bowlers.

We believe in karma and we like to give you something more than just the products you pay for, as well as we strive to make your day just a little bit better than it already was. We would love to get to know you. Your story, where you come from, what you were doing yesterday and what you are going to do tomorrow, which movie you saw last week or what you did instead.

Don’t hesitate to share your daily stories with us – so we can be a part of each other’s story for life.

We are looking forward to get to know you.

Team We Feat