Sund økologisk mad for alle, samt kaffe og juices i Aarhus og Aalborg


Organic and Healthy Fastfood



At We Feat we strive to make a difference for people and their everyday life while also making a difference for the environment We are happy to invite you in to our world, filled with organic food and drinks, great people and good times. At We Feat we make meal-bowls, not just salads. We provide you with freshly made juice and great powerful coffee too.


Everything on our menu is 100% ORGANIC and healthy without being fanatic - very honest with nothing hidden - we believe in all-around health.


We all know for a fact, that healthy food gives you more energy for work, relations and sports. But maybe even more important; it also has a positive influence on your self-image and helps you to prevent lifestyle diseases.

We love food, we love juice, we love coffee,
we love a green environment
- and we love people!



Our Locations

Boulevarden 12, 9000 Aalborg
Guldsmedgade 33, 8000 Aarhus
Frederiks Allé 102, 8000 Aarhus